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These Nationally Accredited Courses are conducted by Dentos Pet Stylist Academy in conjunction with Dog Training School. Empower Assistance Dogs collaborates by providing some of the practical training for these courses. 

ACM10121 Certificate I In Animal Care Industry Pathway

The Certificate I in Animal Care Industry Pathways qualification provides knowledge and skills for initial work, community involvement and/or further learning.  It provides a pathway to learn about work in the animal care and management industry and to assist with routine activities performed under close supervision in an animal care facility or service organisation.  This unit of competency is a great way to introduce the learner to vocational education and is particularly well suited to high school students that wish to prepare themselves for future learning.

ACM20117 Certificate II In Animal Studies

The Certificate II in Animal Studies is an ideal entry point into the animal care and management industry. This qualification prepares students for entry into sectors of the animal care and management industry, where workers provide care for animals in workplaces such as pet shops, animal shelters, kennels, catteries, groomers, sanctuaries and veterinary clinics.

​This course will give you an introduction to the animal care industry and teach you how to conduct animal care work practices in an ethical and humane manner. Learn how to complete animal care hygiene routines, feed and water animals, provide basic first aid, and assist in the health care of animals. You’ll also gain essential workplace skills in effective workplace communication, workplace health and safety, and environmentally sustainable work practices. 

Empower Assistance Dogs is currently teaching this course in conjunction with Pet Stylist Academy and Hymba Yumba Independent School to the jarjums (students) undertaking the Dog Training Course at the school. This course is available for other schools so feel free to contact us for more details.

The Certificate II in Animal Studies is a pathway into other qualifications such as the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

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ACMSS00035 Animal Assisted Services Skill Set

Do you want to share your love of animals with others, bringing the unique benefits of human-animal interaction into the lives of those that need it most? Do you want an education that spans the breadth of animal assisted therapy, education and activities?

Our comprehensive program will give you the skills you need to participate in an existing program or to get started building your own. Students will examine how contact with animals can enhance human well-being in such fields as health care, social services, psychology, psychiatry, education, allied health, therapy, and many more. The course explores conceptual frameworks, research, and practical techniques that will empower you to introduce animals to a variety of settings. It will enhance your personal growth and professional development.

This course will teach you to:

  • Work with animals in an educational or therapeutic setting
  • Correctly interpret human and animal body language
  • Understand animal cognition and emotions
  • Build safe and effective programs
  • Anticipate and resolve potential problems
  • Understand the legal and ethical issues
  • Work with a variety of personality types
  • Create animal enrichment programs
  • And much, much more!

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Owner Coached Course

The Service Dog Training Industry has been evolving for some time now and there are so many people with disability needing help that may have not followed the conservative path of sourcing a fully trained guide, hearing or assistance dog through an organisation, rather due to desperation, they have chosen to go down the path of trying to train their own dogs to take on the assistance dog role.  We are now offering an ‘Owner Coached Assistance Dog’ Training Course but there is a very strict criteria for anyone wishing to undertake this course to ensure they have a suitable dog with the correct attributes to be able to comfortably undertake the role of a working assistance dog and provide task work to their handler.  Our primary training method is to fully train and supply the dogs and partner across to handlers so the Owner Coached Assistance Dog Training Course is our secondary model of supply.  For this reason we only allow small groups at any one time to ensure they are at a quality level of behaviour and training to meet the needs of the legislation.  

Empower Assistance Dogs are helping private handlers and their dogs where possible, by providing regular face to face coaching, training and support to ensure that these privately-owned dogs are reaching the necessary level that is required to gain their government certification.  Of course, this course has an initial assessment process that must be undertaken to ensure that the dog is a suitable candidate for the job at hand and also that it is capable of meeting the requirements of the Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dog Legislation and Public Access Test.  Under the legislation, not only does the dog and handler have to undergo a Public Access Test conducted by an approved trainer or training organisation, the dog in training must also do 3 identifiable physical tasks or behaviours to assist their handler to reduce their need for support to be able to finally gain its certification.  

Our ‘Owner Coached Assistance Dog’ Training Course has strict criteria for anyone wishing to undertake this course to ensure they have a suitable dog with the correct attributes to be able to comfortably undertake the role of a working assistance dog.  Please remember that some dogs work wonderfully in the home environment where they are comfortable but that doesn’t always mean the dog will be able to do the same job for their handler when out and about.  It is imperative that the dog’s welfare needs are met by ensuring the dog is a suitable candidate for training and that it is wanting to do the role of working service dog across a broad range of environments reliably and safely. 

Your dog must have the following:

  • Well socialised to people & other animals and dogs
  • No fears, phobias or startle responses to noise or visual stimuli
  • Good overall health condition – veterinary letter required
  • No unnecessary barking or guarding behaviour
  • Must like food rewards and/or playing with toys
  • Under 1.5 years of age

Check out the video below of some of our clients that have participated in the Owner Coached Assistance Dog Training Course.

To enquire about this course, please go to the contact us page on this website and send through your details of you and your dog so we can contact you.  We have limited positions on this particular course so that we can ensure we give each of our participants the necessary training and support that is required for them to succeed and gain their government certification. 

This video represents dogs and handlers that are going through their training course at the time this video was taken. This does not represent fully certified Guide, Hearing or Assistance Dogs certification level in this video.

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