Meet The Team

Karma is a Blitz daughter (Blitz x Tubby litter) and she is definitely following in her mother’s footsteps so far as looks and behaviour.  She is a very stable girl and loves interacting with people and other dogs.  She is currently living with Craig & Tracey Murray but was initially puppy raised by Emma Arnold in a family home environment with a young baby.  

Karma is now regularly attending training days at Hymba Yumba Independent School as part of the Therapy and Assistance Dog raising and training program with Empower Assistance Dogs and is a big hit with the kids.  Karma has also appeared in a television commercial.  She’s definitely one of the favourites on the team. 

Rose was purposely bred by Career Dogs Australia service dog lines and was chosen from the litter as a potential breeding girl.  She has great confirmation and a lovely temperament and we look forward to watching her develop as she ages and takes on her role within our breeding program.  Currently she is completing all of her health tests to ensure she is at peak health. We are very excited to welcome her into the team and look forward to meeting her future progeny.

Our Very Important Breeders (VIB)

Blitz (Asta x Hawke litter) & Molly (Blitz x Basil litter) live with Michelle and Casey Fowler and their son Max.  Michelle is the aunt of Jazmin Bromley one of our assistance dog recipients so when Michelle heard that by giving Blitz & Molly a great family home she could be part of the process to help with the breeding program that allows us to supply more purposely bred puppies to then be raised and trained into Guide or Assistance dogs, she jumped at the chance to be involved.  Casey is an emergency nurse at the Children’s hospital so he also understands the role they are playing in being part of this program.

Blitz & Molly often attend our functions and events as ambassadors for our program and they are always up for cuddles from their adoring fans.

Jetta (Sparkle x Noodle litter) is the daughter of Sparkle and also one of our VIB’s.  

Her owner Rivera Alanis is also the owner of a wonderful business called Sustainabilitea which produces a fantastic range of sugar free Teas.  

Jetta has also attended Pet Detection classes as even little dogs can do big things and Jetta is definitely a socialite around town making appearances on the SustainabiliTEA market stall, ‘The T Spot’ on weekends.  

You may even see her out and about around Brisbane!

About our VIB's

All our Very Important Breeders (VIB’s) live in wonderful family homes so they too have quality of life even though they have the very important job of providing us with the puppies to be able to continue this important work.  The dogs all have a beautiful life and enjoy every moment at home with their families.

If you are interested in becoming a breeder family for our program, please send us an email to express your interest through the Contact Us page on this website.  We’d love you to meet some of our lovely dogs!

Jazz – Mike & Renee found out about Empower when Mike lost his German Shepherd.

When they found out they could give a loving home to a beautiful Lab and support in the assistance dog programme they jumped at the chance.

Jazz is super smart and a very loving dog. With luck she will find her way into the therapy dog program and have the chance to bring love and smiles to more people.

Honey (Blitz x Louis litter) is the daughter of our foundation breeding girl Blitz, and her father is a dog that is now working with Assistance Dogs Hawaii.

Her owners Madison and Richelle are the owners of Brisbane Nursery Co. at Loganlea and so she is often found onsite at the nursery hanging out, living her best life and greeting the clients when they come to purchase some greenery for their homes.

Honey has the best personality as she is loads of fun and loves adventure.  Head down to the nursery as she’s always happy to receive your pats and give you puppy cuddles.

Sparkle was our first Toy Poodle VIB.  She lives with her breeder family Mayumi and Pierre Rey Du Boissieu & their son Aymeric.  Mayumi has her own dog grooming business Mon Cheri Dog Grooming and Pierre has his own business also called Private Chef.  

They’re a lovely family and Mayumi also attends Pet Detection classes with Sparkle so that she ensures she gives her great environmental enrichment by teaching her to use her nose via scent games.  

Sparkle is a lovely little girl that has provided us with some really quality puppies.

Una– A few words from Liz Eakin & Family whom are our breeder family for Una (Millie x Bond litter).  “Una is our beautiful girl and the 2nd dog we’ve been blessed with from Empower Assistance Dogs.
At 12 months she’s still as cheeky as the day we brought her home. Una is incredibly smart, full of energy and VERY ball motivated. Her favourite activity is the daily trip to the dog park to chase the ball. She’s also the fastest lab I’ve ever seen – sounds like a herd of horses when she chases the ball. 
COVID has suited Una just fine as she’s also a loving family dog and enjoys being walked multiple times a day with most of us working from home. Can’t wait to see what beautiful pups she produces!”

Empower Assistance Dogs uses a geneticist to assist them with their breeding program to ensure that they are ethically and responsibly breeding the best possible candidate Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dog puppies. All of our breeding stock live in family homes so they are living their best lives. Check out the video of two of our girls, Blitz and Molly with their breeder family. Blitz has now retired from her breeding role within the program and we thank her for her service!

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