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We are dedicated to profoundly impacting the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Our mission revolves around enhancing the quality of life and fostering independence for people facing various challenges. We achieve this through our rigorous program, meticulously selecting, nurturing, and professionally training government-certified hearing and assistance dogs.

Their unique ability to serve as more than just companions sets our assistance dogs apart. They act as invaluable partners in daily life, empowering their handlers to maintain high independence. Our dogs become vigilant ears for those with hearing impairments, ensuring they never miss important cues. Likewise, for individuals facing physical or mental challenges, our dogs are steadfast allies in performing everyday tasks, allowing them to retain their self-reliance.

At Empower Assistance Dogs, we strongly believe in the profound power of partnership. Our dogs become an extension of their handlers’ families, offering assistance, companionship, friendship, and a source of boundless joy.

We invite you to join us in making a meaningful difference. Together, we can create a world where abilities shine brighter than disabilities, and each day represents a significant step towards a brighter future. Discover how you can support our mission and become part of today’s transformative journey.


Hearing and Assistance Dogs that are fully trained and transitioned across to a handler with government certification and public access rights.

To provide emotional support and interaction to people within the community that may require therapeutic intervention

May work within one or multiple facilities such as medical, dental, aged care or school environment.  

Empower Assistance Dogs
"Enhancing Quality of Life"

Ways you can help

At Empower Assistance Dogs, we are dedicated to the breeding, raising, and training of Hearing, Assistance and Therapy dogs. This is a highly labour-intensive endeavour that typically spans 1.5 to 2 years and involves a financial investment ranging from $25,000 to $55,000, depending on the specific requirements of the individual dog.

We want to emphasise that we do not receive any government funding. Instead, we rely solely on the generosity of individuals, businesses, and organisations to support our mission.”

Please consider how you can help us make a difference with different ways to support our charity below. 

Puppy Raising

Do you want to contribute to changing someone's life? Puppy Carers provide a very important service where they care for pups and give them crucial learning experiences that assist us as service dog trainers to be able to have wonderful candidate pups to then train and partner with a disabled handler.

Donate to support training

You can set up one off or recurring donations to help support the training and raising that goes into training these amazing dogs.. "Giving to Empower Assistance Dogs means those in need are empowered to lead a more independent life."

Breeding Homes

All our Very Important Breeders (VIB's) live in wonderful family homes so they too have quality of life even though they have the very important job of providing us with the puppies to be able to continue this important work. The dogs all have a beautiful life and enjoy every moment at home with their families.

"Giving to Empower Assistance Dogs means those in need are empowered to lead a more independent life."

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